Psychedelic Dog

This picture first started off as a sketch I did when I was outside one day leaning against a rail, when a dog, a collie mixed shepherd came by my foot and I pet it. Then she just laid by my feet and started looking around. I thought it was cool if I can get a sketch of this moment, later on as I was flipping through my sketch book trying to figure out what to draw next and I was to mentally occupied.

I said screw it I’ll just color in the sketch as a means of distressing, so I came out with the idea of putting leopard spots on the dog, using unusual colors that are rather mind-bending or bizarre to the casual viewer. its definitely an attention getter that’s for sure and on the right side I thought a cloth with prints on it would be a nice touch to it.

Art is subjective it can inspire or disgust you, but that’s part of life we are going to see things that question how we feel and react. Its innovation that makes all living things unique, we shouldn’t judge it but instead gain a better understanding of it.

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